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    All, the cabins are reserved in Brian Roh and Britt Brittain names (changed from Ryan). There are no boat inspectors until Friday. I couldn’t get any direction on the boat inspections because there was no boat inspector there to speak to. I suspect they will do the normal if you get there on Friday.

    Provide your names to the folks at the gate for the rooms and you can pay for your fishing permits for each day upon entry.

    Bring your own food for meals and due to COVID, please limit your indoor visiting to those of your cabin mates.

    Please leave the parking near the cabins for the boaters so they can plug in.

    Launch will be at safe light (~6:20am) at the buoy line. Please be in the water by 6am the latest. I will be providing a launch list for the last boater on Saturday (Britt) and he will launch everyone. Weigh in will be at 4pm on Saturday. Weigh in on Sunday will be at 2:30pm.

    Offlimits will be inside a line going across the end of the marina boat docks to the first point to west of the launch ramp. You may NOT fish the north shore boat docks.

    This is 2 1-day individual weight tournaments. Your partner should inspect your livewells to ensure they are empty.

    Day 1 is the 2019 TOC. Good luck to all who qualified.
    Day 2 draw will be done at the weigh-in for day 1. Boaters will randomly draw their Day 2 partner.

    Day 1 Launch will be in the boat order as drawn in the meeting. Day 2 the boater launch will be reversed.

    Day 1 Launch Order:
    Boat 1 – Scott Sweet, Youri Yagamovitch
    Boat 2 – Boris Bogacheck, Kyle Mulhair
    Boat 3 – Spiro Stamos, Joe Martinez
    Boat 4 – Brian Roh, Darryl Donofrio
    Boat 5 – Mike Chen, Emerson Chin
    Boat 6 – Britt Brittain, Eric Christiansen
    Boat 7 – Rene Duzac, Jeff Pate
    Boat 8 – John Fernandez, Bon Gotuaco

    Day 2 Launch Order:
    Boat 1 – Britt Brittain
    Boat 2 – Mike Chen
    Boat 3 – Brian Roh
    Boat 4 – Spiro Stamos
    Boat 5 – Boris Bogacheck
    Boat 6 – Scott Sweet
    Boat 7 – Jeff Leo, Miguel Leyva

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