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    BassBusters October 2020 Meeting Agenda
    Updates from (7:31)
    VP- Dec, new Melones canceled and looking into Berryessa or Don Pedro(etc
    Treasurer- send emails for dues
    Secretary-no updates
    Work with Britt to get updates on our current member page with bio’s

    Delta Recap – Jeff & Jeff – 1st 14.69 (7:34)- deep water and tokyo rigs
    John F & Miguel L – 2nd – 14.30 (4.79)
    Boris & Emerson – 3rd – 13.34- dropshot and tide and current was right

    Delta Oct (TD) – Who is fishing? (7:35)
    Post in the message section if you are in for the event
    Brian – make a list of boaters and non-boaters – Draw at end of the meeting

    Event Details – (7:38)
    Launching from Orwood
    1 team member at scales, not both. Weigh in will be at the trailers like usual
    If you do not feel well, STAY HOME

    Club Classic (7:40)
    Oct 24th – Russo’s Marina – 6 teams per club (usually about 7 clubs)
    Quick reminder of who wants to fish – show of hands

    Nominations (7:44) Show of hands (effective as of November 1st 2020)
    Pres – Britt Brittain
    VP – Scott Sweet
    Sec – Frank Tan
    Tres – Emerson Chin
    Members at Large- Tony Leyva and Miguel Leyva

    Outgoing Board Members
    Pres- Steve Tonelli
    VP- Brian Roh
    Sec- Bon Gotuaco
    Tres- Ryan Uda
    Members at Large- Mike Chen and Boris Bogacheck

    Life members vote (7:47) Poll
    15 years as a member, or 4 years on the board, and have been voted Mr. Bass or Sportsman Of The Year 1 time.
    Spiro – 2003 yes
    Mike – 2005 yes
    John F – 2000 yes
    If we have 7 members, we can vote via Zoom Poll
    2/3 approval vote needed based upon total member attendance in meeting

    Speaker for October (7:50)
    Doug Romano – Knows the delta very well and will share his knowledge with the club.
    Eight tournament victories
    · TOC qualifier
    · Frequently placed in the top ten
    · Volunteer for the “Take a Kid Fishing Program.”.
    · Only angler to win two hours in the Berkley Big Fish Challenge (Delta).
    · 2014 Snag Proof Open champion (Pro, Delta).
    · Bass Guide on the California Delta.

    —————————BREAK 1 Min ————————
    Delta Draw (8:40) -Team Draw – _______ –
    Non-Boater Boater
    1.Boris 1.Luke
    2.Leo 2.Kyle
    3.Uda 3.Youri
    4.Tony 4.Miguel S.
    5.Britt 5.Jeff
    6.Renee 6.Daryll
    7.Joe A. 7.Miguel L.
    8.Mike C. 8.Lil Will
    9.Scott 9.Big Will
    10.Bon 10.Emerson

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